A classic Tiramisu


Can we all agree that Tiramisu is the best dessert on Earth? Yes? Ok cool thanks!

My version is a complete basic no frills type of vibe because I am not gonna go messing with perfection. Creamy layers mixed with coffee soaked sponge and dusted with cocoa it really is a dream come true every time I eat it PLUS there is actually no baking involved it is so so easy to make!

This is enough for 2 big portions so definitely double or more if feeding a crowd


2 eggs separated 

250g mascarpone 

Big cup of strong black coffee

40g caster sugar

Optional splash of coffee liqueur into the coffee

10 - 12 lady fingers 


In a large bowl whisk the egg yolks and sugar until pale and creamy (I use an electric hand whisk). Add the mascarpone and beat until it thickens

Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form (before I whip any egg whites I always make sure I have given my bowl a little wipe with white vinegar to get rid of any residue and also same with the whisk attachments)

Gently fold whites into the yolk mixture

Now to layer! Start with a cream layer at bottom then dip the ladyfingers one at time into the coffee - don't leave them in there just a dip on each side. Keep layering and finish with a cream layer. 

Leave to set in fridge for a couple of hours and then dust with cocoa before serving.

Enjoy! Emilie xx