Behind the scenes of our Summer shoot!!

We thought we would share some behind the scenes snaps of our Summer shoot. We shot this quite soon after coming out of level 4 lockdown and we wanted it to be super fun and happy! As Evie had based our print around the work of abstract artist Sonia Delaunay we came up with the idea to make a faux gallery background, so we painted some wooden frames and hired the velvet ropes in the front. 

Vada Hair Salon provided the most perfect wig - it made the whole shoot come alive.

Our photographer Sacha Stejko brings the most amazing energy on shoot days and sets up a big screen so we can see exactly what is going on and how things are looking.
We usually shoot in our studio shop space which makes it really easy on us as it is usually a massive few days leading up to any shoot. 
Abby has been giving me grief that I haven't SHOUTED FROM THE ROOP TOPS that she made this umbrella! When we were researching Sonia Delaunay there were lots of photos from the 1920's of women with printed umbrellas and we thought it would be so fun for the shoot. It made for some really fun shots
The finished shots always look so perfect! The ones of the model infront of a wall of print were quite last minute - at the end of the shoot we decided to just throw some fabric over our wooden walls and they are probably our fave photos now!
Photography: Sacha Stejko
Model: Ella Wong at Unique
Hair: Leonie at Vada
Make up: Aimee Waterhouse-Fitch