Brand New Studio Showroom

Exciting Annoucement!

You may have heard through our social media channels that we have made some exciting changes around here. 

After an epic time on Ponsonby Road we have moved the shop into our beautiful studio space on Karangahape Road. This will be a whole new personalised shopping experience where you can see first hand how the collections come to life plus have the option to have garments altered, repaired and even custom made.

We thought we would explain a bit more about our custom service so you know exactly what we can do. Having been doing this for 10 years we have a huge back catalogue of designs for which we still have patterns hanging on the rack.

Not always but often we can re-make anything from past seasons as long as we can find a suitable fabric to use. Have something that you have thrashed that you have always wanted another one of? Let us know! More often that not it will be personally made by us in-house.

If you see your size has sold out or we haven’t offered your size get in touch we can always re-make things (if we can’t find one at a stockist for you) We are happy to make things in bigger or smaller sizes and can work off measurements easily. 

As the Maaike designers we are personally so excited for this next step which is going to give us more time to create even better collections, capsule ranges and one off pieces for you! The new space is up and running and is open by appointment with free parking available so call or email us anytime (09) 302 4120

Check out our current season 'Pearblossom Highway' HERE