Cinnamon Toast Cupcakes

 I have been trying my hand at some baking recently and so if something works out (ie: If I can do it ANYONE can) I'll share some recipes with you! Check out the video below for the step by step method and all the ingredients. For a baking novice like myself using Youtube is perfect as you can see how everything is supposed to look at each stage.

What makes these cupcakes to special? The secret ingredient is making some breadcrumbs by drying out some buttered brown toast and adding it to the batter - DELISH!

They came out of the oven with a beautiful crust on top - looked pretty much exactly like Jemma's so was very happy with that.

My piping needs a lot of work but you cover it up with left over toast crumbs and some cinnamon sugar so all is well

Definitely give the recipe a try for the smell of cinnamon filling your home alone!