Dressing the Prime Minister for Election Night!

Yes it was us! We dressed Jacinda on election night and it was a fun project and one we were extremely honoured to have been a part of. We are lucky enough to have had a relationship with Jacinda for years, being a keen NZ design supporter she used to come and shop with us back when we had our store on Karangahape Road. We dressed her at the last election in a burgundy shirt and draped jacket and have kept the colour the same this time as a nod to that outfit.

How did it come about? We got in touch with Jacinda's team a few months ago to ask if we could send some ideas. We sent three sketches and this was the one chosen. 

The style....We thought a dress over a high waisted pant would give a contemporary edge and the big tucks in front would bring a draped Maaike touch. We wanted to keep the silhouette simple and elegant as we never want to create something for her that will be a talking point, it's not what the night is about.

The process.....After we had the sketch approved we mocked the outfit up to fit designer Emilie to show her on a body. We had a very short window of time with Jacinda one morning, so showed her very quickly, took her measurements and discussed fabrication. After that our amazing pattern maker Vaughan Geeson made the pattern to her measurements. 

Our thoughts....Dressing a leader who is so respected on the world stage is such an honour for us but having Jacinda wear Maaike has never been something we have done for publicity, it truly is just an honour. Making women feel powerful and beautiful is our daily goal at Maaike, it always has been and the fact we get to do that for the PM? It is just a bonus.


Liked the style? We thought it was too good not to so we have added both the high waisted pant and dress into our next range which will be out next year! We recently shot the lookbook so here is a better look at the outfit! We will be offering it in black and a burnt orange - we have to keep the burgundy exclusive for Ms Ardern!