Easter baking ideas!

Hot Cross Buns

As you are probably well aware I am pretty much food obsessed! Cooking and baking is the ultimate therapy and happy place for me and I for one am very excited to have a few days off this long weekend to get stuck into the kitchen. Easter is the time to indulge right?! 

I thought I would share the hot cross buns I made last Easter this was when I was just getting into photographing my food and started my food instagram (@burntbuttertable if you want to check it out!) This recipe is by UK baker Cupcake Jemma and they are really easy and fun to make. You really can't beat a home made hot cross bun straight out of the oven slathered in butter right?!

You can check the video for the recipe out here

Banana Bread

It has been fairly busy in the studio of late which means the odd weekend work day and after working in the studio last Sunday I wanted something super quick and easy to bake when I got home. I had some dodgy looking bananas so a banana loaf was the way to go! This recipe is so easy and delicious, the browned butter gives a wonderful depth of flavour and it lasted for days in the pantry! I melted some dark chocolate to pour over the top but that is totally optional! I also used quite an intricate loaf tin by Nordicware but it will be perfect in a regular loaf pan.

Check out the easy recipe here