Emilie's Winter Favourites

In the depths of Winter my favourites are mostly our knitwear! Abby and I have so much fun designing and creating different knitting techniques with our manufacturer. All our knitwear is 100% merino and knitted right here in Auckland!

The Perception Top

This was a slightly more fitted shape for us BUT once you have it on it has a delicious ooze factor so does not feel clingy at all. This is a knitwear technique called plating which uses two colours simultaneously in this case black and a rusty orange.

The Shadow Jumper

This jumper is my one true love, honestly once you put it on you'll never want to take it off!

The Highlight Dress

This piece has that 'cool' factor. It is quite a loose fit so has an instant relaxed feel once I put it on and has enough room for me to layer some fitted merino under. The navy isn't too much of a stretch from my usual black either!