How designer Emilie styles our fabric prints

Hello everyone!
I thought I would write a little post about how I personally wear and style our fabric prints. I really am mainly a black wearer but I still love to wear our prints because they are so beautiful! Hopefully this helps if you are wondering how to incorporate them into your current wardrobe.

Model Pant

I have more pairs of these than I would like to admit! I find this hands down the easiest way to wear our prints because I can still have black up the top. These pants are so so dreamy to wear, hello elasticised waistband and floaty cut! I always take my Model Pants up about 5cm so they are slightly more cropped.

Theory Top

My favourite top! It seems so simple, just a long sleeve tee but the way it falls and drapes is so gorgeous. I couldn't live without these! The thing that I love about it is you can tuck the front in or tie a little knot and it changes the shape completely.

Lacquer Dress

So everyone has their weird clothing quirks and mine is I only wear full length dresses or trousers. We do so many beautiful shapes that I never want to miss out so I simply layer them over a trouser. Even a dress like this works beautifully over a wide leg we promise!

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