Mary Quant Exhibition in Auckland!

This week we braved the crazy humidity we have been having and walked down to the Auckland Art Gallery to check out the Mary Quant exhibition, which is here from the V & A in London. I knew about Mary Quant from my mum who always told me stories of dresses she made herself in the 60's and 70's inspired by the Mary Quant look. I wish she had kept them! It's on for another month so definitely check it out if you can it's amazing!



The thing I found most interesting about the exhibition was really understanding how much of a change happened in the 1960's fashion wise. Up until then you wore what your mother wore but people like Mary really changed the game and youth culture became this huge phenomenon. It was also so fascinating and super inspiring to see how ambitious she was as a woman in business. In a time when you had to have permission from your husband to open a bank account, Mary created a hugely successful empire which was global. Abby and I couldn't believe she even produced her garments locally in NZ for our department stores!


There are over 120 garments plus sketches, shoes, all her cosmetics and videos of her and her shows.
We won't spoil it for you by posting lots of photos so get down there if you live in Auckland, all the info is here