Meet the artist behind the print

We have become known for our fabric prints so each season we increasingly feel the pressure to come up with something bigger and better and for Winter 18 we thought outside the square.

Tacarra Sutton aka 'Spifster' is a renowned nail artist in Chicago and was introduced to us by Imogene Bevan from Pop Nails here in Auckland. Spifter's nail art is completely original with bold clashing colours, graphic patterns and a very playful cheeky side which we thought would translate so well into a print. With the beauty of social media making the world a smaller place we reached out on instagram and it all started from there. Coming at the perfect time for Spifster who is ever expanding her art into full scale paintings, walls, homeware and more this collaboration was an amazing project and we feel so lucky we got to work together.

We asked Spif a couple of questions:

How did you get into nails?

By complete accident - it was a way to stop biting my nails, a habit I had since a child. I was coming into womanhood and 18 years old with 'bit on' nails going into interviews was not the ideal situation. I already had a background in graphic design so it was't long before I started experimenting on myself. Started documenting what I had been doing on myself on Facebook and that's where it all began.


Who would be your dream client?
Beyonce, of course.
What inspires your art?


Life. The energy around me and the city I live in. Chicago is full of stunning architecture and a juxtaposition of colours. It all ties in.

Had you ever done anything like this collaboration before and what made you say yes to this one?

Me and a friend collaborated on a pillow collection a few years back and it definitely was the plug in my back to expand my art way past nails. This collab came at the right time. I was in a zone where I wanted to see my designs on all canvases. Clothing being one of them - especially because Maaike believed in my vision and their styles are the shit!

Your big scale paintings are incredible is this something you want to get into more?

Yes indeed. I want to design everything, homes, commercial businesses, hotels, restaurants, walls, etc. It’s just the beginning.


Artist Tacarra Sutton aka 'Spifster' wearing the Ultraviolet Dress in her custom print in front of a wall in her salon which she painted.