Podcasts we are listening to right now

There are days when we are in the studio alone and so we constantly find ourselves listening to podcasts to alleviate the loneliness!


Jonathon van Ness is a cast member from the new Queer Eye on Netflix (if you haven’t watched it what are you doing with your life?!) He interviews all sorts of people from leading professors and scientists to Hollywood celebs. He is exceptionally smart and informed as well as hilarious.

Host Jonathon Goldstein investigates events of everyday people that changed the course of their lives. It’s funny but also thoughtful and quite beautiful. 

Each episode of Song Exploder is a different musician talking about how they wrote a particular song. I’m a big Solange fan and hearing her talk in length about how she wrote Cranes in the Sky was so interesting.



If you haven’t listened to this one you aren’t living. Three friends reading and commentating a terribly written erotic novel one of their fathers wrote. It’s beyond hilarious!

About a woman who escaped and exposed a self help group NXIVM, which was a pyramid scheme and a feeding ground for the leader Keith Raniere’s sexual perversions.

A 5 episode series made in association with ‘Are We There Yet?’ the women’s suffrage and equality exhibition at the Auckland Museum. Talking to women in NZ about feminism, equality and more.