Top tips for keeping our hair fresh in lockdown and throughout summer!

Our latest campaign shoot with hair done by Leonie from Vada

 Keeping our hair looking fresh and healthy isn't always easy and it is made even harder in lockdown when we can't see our treasured hairdressers. We had a chat to Leonie from Vada Salon, where both Maaike designers get their hair done, to see what products we need and also if we get desperate, is packet dying going to ruin all their good work!

What would be your main tip for keeping hair healthy during lockdown (or just in general!)

Never underestimate the power of a hair treatment. Treatments give your hair much needed nourishment and moisture, boosting your hair's natural lustre and bounce. 


If we normally get colours done in a salon and are getting desperate to use a packet dye in lockdown is that the worst thing we could do?

No it is not! Home application hair dye will never be as polished as a salon applied colour but if you follow a couple of simple rules this can be enough to get you through lockdown until salons are allowed to open. Simple rules:

1) Choose a colour close to your natural hair colour

2) If you are wanting to apply a colour for fun or just for a change we suggest a semi permanent colour.

3) If it is grey hair you are wanting to cover completely we would suggest using permanent colour, however be careful, if you get your hair done regularly at a salon only apply colour on new hair growth. if you place permanent colour on top of old existing hair colour it can go darker and create different lines of colour variation in your hair.

4) Please avoid home bleaching/highlighting your hair at home with packet dye/hair bleaching kits, this is a very intense colour application which is always a double or triple colour process.

Do not panic is something goes wrong while you're colouring your hair, hairdressers will be able to fix/correct your hair colour mistakes over a series of appointments.


What can we do to keep our colour lasting longer?

Always use a colour friendly shampoo and conditioner. We always recommend System Colour Save range as it has built in UV protection which protects your hair colour against fading. Using heat protectors while using heated tools on your hair helps with colour fading.


What are your top product recommendations for looking after your hair over the summer?

1) Wella Oil Protections Serum for shine and taming flyaways

2) System Professional Helio Spray, water resistant UV protection which protects hair against colour fading and loss of hair moisture without making your hair look greasy.

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How often do you recommend washing your hair?

I always recommend between every 2 - 3 days for fine to normal hair types and and 3 - 5 days for thick to course hair types.


Can you train your hair out of being washed frequently?

Yes you can! It all depends on your home hair care, making sure you have the correct products for your hair type and needs.


Is dry shampoo a good in between or can that be damaging too?

Dry shampoo absorbs excess oil and cleanses your hair in between hair washes, it is not damaging to your hair. Dry shampoo is also a great tool to use when blow waving your hair to give lift and volume.

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